Mesa Martial Arts

​​​​​Our TRANSPORTED AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM runs Monday through Friday from school release time until 6:00 P.M. ​We follow the Mesa Public Schools calendar! We even pick up on early release days!


We pick the kids up from their schools and bring them to our 6000 sq ft facility to teach and entertain them until you pick them up.

All of our staff is background checked, CPR/First Aid Certified and LOVES working with kids!

​We have an electronic check-in/out system that alerts you when your child arrives at our facility. You can rest assured that your child is where they should be!

​Daily Structured Schedule:

Martial Arts Class:​ All kids will participate in an exciting karate class filled with cardio, strength and conditioning, and martial arts skills!

Activity Time:​ This is game time! We run organized group games to keep the kids active and give them that much needed "fun" time with their friends!

Arts & Crafts:​ We will be doing occasional arts & crafts to bring out their creative side and change things up a bit!

​Focus TIme:​ The kids will focus on homework, reading and playing quiet card/board games with their friends. We aim to have them calmed down, with their homework done by the time you pick them up so you can have a nice, relaxing evening at home with your family!

​The kids will be given time to eat their snacks too!

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Our staff is background checked, CPR/First Aid Certified, and LOVES working with kids!

​We pick ​We have an electronic check-in/out system to give you peace of mind!

​We have a fun, structured schedule that includes martial arts & tumbling classes, indoor games/sports, arts & crafts, and more!

​Kids love our camps because they are exciting and fun! Parents love them because it keeps kids active, healthy, safe, and happy!

​PLUS, we teach them life skills such as respect, courage, self-control, self-discipline, perseverance, goal-setting and achieving, leaving them with greater confidence and a positive self-image!

Camps and After School Programs  Are Boring!

All we do is the same thing every day. Sound familiar? With us: having daily field trips (camps), a million drills, games, and activities, and a 6,000 SQ place to run, we've got you covered. 


Karate instructors are role models to kids everywhere and we aim to pass on those leadership skills to your kid so that they can be successful in school and life. Our award winning program will teach life and leadership skills they won’t be taught on TV or through video games. Kids have a lot of potential just waiting to pop out, they just need to be guided and learn how to develop that potential through goal-setting and perseverance. That is what we strive to do here! We teach them the value of setting and achieving goals to make their dreams a reality. Sticking with your goals and not giving up on them is one of the keys to success!

Campers will also participate in
anti-bully and anti-abduction workshops where they will learn valuable skills to help defend themselves against those that would try to harm them. Our leadership program instills confidence and a positive self-image that will help them further when using these skills.

​​​​Our camps run from 7:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. daily during school breaks and all summer long! We follow the Mesa Public Schools calendar and offer day camps on most school holidays!

​We go on daily field trips during the summer and some field trips over Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks as well!


The Staff Doesn't Care!

It's scary how many daycares have been in the news because of the staff doing something stupid. AND those are just the ones we hear about. The fact is daycare employees are only there to collect a paycheck.  With us: Our instructors must be with us for at least 3 years and we only hire them if they love working with kids. 



​Welcome to Mesa’s Best Camp and After School Pickup Program!!!! Our mission is to provide a SAFE, fun environment where kids can stay active and healthy. We aim to give kids the time of their lives! Whether you are working parent that needs child care after school or on school breaks, or you are just looking to keep the kids off the couch and active, we have the program for you!!!! Kids stay active through martial arts and tumbling classes as well as games, arts & crafts, and more! They get the added benefits that the martial arts provide such as learning respect, self-discipline, confidence and focus. They will also learn how to stay safe through our Kid Safe anti-abduction workshop as well as how to avoid bully situations with our Bully Proof program.​


Space is limited

Daycare costs too much!

Daycare can be EXPENSIVE! Sometimes you think you are working just to pay the babysitter AND then you still have to pay for their extra activities. With us: you can get both for one low price. 

Camps start too late or end too early! 

Science/Sport camps are great but they don’t start until 9 or 10 and are often done by 2 (don’t you wish your work day was that short!?!?) With us: Drop them off as early as 7 A.M.  and we’re here all day!


Let’s face it, today’s kids are faced with constant criticism and negativity everywhere they turn. Our camp only employs
instructors/counselors that are not only good with kids, they love kids! They get in there and play with the kids, not just watch them while looking at the clock. We care about our camp family and want them to have the summer of their lives! Kids are only kids once, we aim to help give them the childhood they deserve! Making memories is what it is all about!

The martial arts empower lives by giving kids the
confidence and self-respect they need to overcome the negativity pressed on them daily. Our instructors are trained to be good finders, to praise and encourage kids as much as possible to help them realize their potential and worth. Confidence and a positive self-image are the key to handling bully situations and to being successful in life. Our campers are surrounded with a positive, friendly, safe environment daily as if they were in their own home. Who doesn’t want that for their child? 



Arizona heat can be brutal which means most kids are indoors, right? That translates to lots of video games, TV, and just hanging out. Did you know that there are studies that show that having an unproductive, lazy summer can actually interfere with a child’s focus, concentration and ability to learn? The lack of structure and physical activity makes it harder for children to get back into the swing of things when school starts back up.

Our camps are designed to
keep kids active and healthy while having fun. With daily karate, tumbling, indoor sports/games, arts & crafts, field trips, etc., they will have no problem jumping back in when they return to school!

Each day, our campers participate in an exciting martial arts class in addition to tumbling classes. Each karate class is made up of cardio, strength training, balance, coordination, martial arts skills and drills, and the teaching of important
life and leadership skills to help them be successful in school and life. They stay physically active and have fun while doing it!





Some people think that KARATE equals drills, pushups, and fighting…while this is true on some level, there is SO MUCH MORE TO IT!!!! We do daily drills and exercises, true…but the majority of class is learning awesome martial arts moves and participating in exciting karate themed games that help them practice their newly acquired skills in an extraordinarily fun way. In order to change things up and keep them on their toes, we throw in a little TUMBLING, and some ARTS & CRAFTS  to get those creative juices flowing!

We go on DAILY FIELD TRIPS (summer & break camps) to places like LEGOLAND, Butterfly Wonderland, Krazy Air Trampoline Park, AZ Science Center, Bounce U, Skateland, Amazing Jake’s, Phoenix Zoo, Peter Piper Pizza, Sea Life Arizona, AZ Museum of Natural History, Jambo Amusement Park, Makutu’s Island, AMF Bowling, IDEA Museum, Harkins Movies, Schnepf Farm and the local aquatic centers for a little outdoor swimming fun.

Life is so much better with friends and friendship abounds at our camps! Kids make lifelong friends who will have a positive influence on their lives. Imagine kids who are taught respect and self-discipline daily who then turn around and play games together RESPECTFULLY! No bullying and respect on the playground??? Can you imagine??

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You've Said it, there has to be something better than DAycare


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